JVC proudly announces the creation of the GV-PT2, the world's first PC/Video Printer with Capture Capability. Allowing unprecedented access to photo-quality prints. Designed to interface with your VCR, Camcorder, and PC; JVC delivers products devised to enhance life's options.

Printing via a computer
The GV-PT2 connects to your computer* through a conventional Centronics cable. Using the supplied Windows® driver, high quality color prints can be made from virtually any windows application.

*Running Microsoft® Windows® 95 or 3.1, and featuring bi-directional parallel support.

Video capture capability
The GV-PT2 is unique among printers as it features it's own built-in video capture function with field/frame memory. This means you can 'grab' pictures from a camcorder or VCR and transfer them to your computer - in 640 x 480 dot BMP format - for database creation or photo-processing.

Since no extra hardware is required, this is a very simple way to tap into a home movie collection, extracting pictures of children, friends, memorable holidays, etc. for storing or printing. You can even post pictures on Web pages or send them together with e-mail messages using off-the-shelf software. The only limitation is your imagination.

Advanced JLIP control
JLIP (Joint Level Interface Protocol) was designed by JVC to enhance computer connectivity and provide efficient bi-directional control of AV equipment. The GV-PT2 features a J-terminal connection for JLIP-ready camcorders, such as JVC's CyberCam Series. Used in conjunction with special JLIP-based software, the printer and AV equipment can be controlled entirely from the computer with a few mouse clicks.

Printing Directly from a video source
The GV-PT2 excels at printing still images directly from a VCR or camcorder. You can create original prints utilizing numerous features and built-in design elements.

Dye sublimation technology
The GV-PT2 employs dye sublimation to create high quality full-color prints with fine tonal gradations. Each dot is made up of a mixture of the 3 primary colors: yellow, magenta and cyan. The colors come in 256 gradations, giving 16.77 million possible combinations. This rich palette is what enables full-color rendition.

Print Customization
Before printing, you can select a layout and choose from a number of design elements via the on-screen menu to personalize your photo including but not limited to:

Once again JVC brings the future into the present. The JVC Multimedia Printer is just another component designed to make technology work for you.

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price: $899.95


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