• HI-FI VHS Stereo with MTS Decoder
  • Digital AV Tracking
  • Shuttle Plus
  • Multi-System DBS Control including DSSTM, PRIMESTARTM and DISH NetworkTM
  • Plug and Play: Just plug in the VCR and the time and channels are programmed automatically
  • Instant Review
  • Gold plated front AV Inputs
  • Pro-cision 19u EP Heads for near SP quality in EP speed
  • Oval-cut DA-4 head system. All video heads have oval-cut edges to eliminate ghosts and color beats
  • VHS Digital Live Circuitry for best picture performance
  • Ultra Spec Drive with Jitter Reduction Circuit
  • Full-Function Remote Control
  • Trilingual English / French / Spanish On-Screen Menu with Menu button on VCR
  • Silver-plated Front AV Inputs
  • Auto Index
  • Auto Daylight Saving Time for accurate auto clock setting
  • Digital Tracking
  • Index Search
  • Skip search
  • 1 Year/8 event programmable timer
  • 181-channel cable-compatible frequency-synthesized tuner
  • HQ (High Quality) System Circuitry for excellent VHS picture quality
  • Extended power backup
  • Full-auto functions: Real Time Tape Counter, Auto-Timer, Auto power on, Power off / eject, Auto Play, Auto rewind
  • Multi-Speed Search (19-step SP/21-Step EP) including 5-Speed slow motion
  • Repeat playback (up to 20 times)
  • Next function memory
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price: $ 279.95

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