High Energy = Incredible Pictures = JVC
Every JVC video cassette contains tape coated with our greatly improved new cobalt magnetite particles. The "High Energy Particles" have 20% more magnetic energy than can be achieved through the conventional use of ferric oxide particles. JVC's advanced technology is used to carefully control the ferrous ion concentration of the particles. The benefit from a more prodigious concentration of these particles is a higher rate of magnetic energy.

The basis for this breakthrough in video technology rests in the direct relationship between magnetic energy and video signal. Picture quality is determined by the intensity of signal wavelength. By increasing the concentration of particles in a wavelength JVC has successfully increased the picture quality.

Multi-Linear Orientation
JVC has expanded the frontier of video/audio clarity with the development of MLO, Multi-Linear Orientation technology. Magnetic particles play a key role in determining picture quality. In ordinary tapes the particle disbursement is of a random nature, resulting in a dull sound and an unacceptable picture. Using MLO, JVC has enabled its' newest generation of video tapes to bring to you a picture with unrivaled clarity. The technology utilizes the extremely high power of "High Energy Magnetite" to be used to its' fullest capacity, resulting in an enhanced output with reduced noise.


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