Personal Audio Technology
Inventor of VHS

Now the Magic Of Portable Digital Sound Is Just One Touch Away!

Many of us like to take our music with us when we're one the go. JVC's Personal Audio line-up not only make this possible, but makes it easier through up-to-the minute, cutting edge tecnologies that include user-friendly features not usually found on products that are powered by batteries. Here's some of our exclusive features:

10-CD Auto Changer
Yes this is a CD Boombox! Now 10 CD's can be easily stored through the front tray with easy to use one touch controls. With the touch of a CD number button, COMPU PLAY automatically turns power on, selects CD mode and positions the CD on the tray. All stored CD's can be played in continuous, program, random or repeat mode.

3-CD Triple-Tray Changer
TheTriple-Tray Changer System operates with maximum compactness compared to conventional carousel changers with 3 CD storage capacity. You get quick access to features that single tray systems offer, plus the longer play and enhanced flexibility of of CD Changer Systems. The system's three independently operated CD trays let you exchange two CD's simply without interuppting play of the third.

Active Hyper-Bass PRO
New Circuitry minimizes the suppresssion and muffling of mid range frequencies while reproducing dynamic low frequency sound. Mid range frequency sounds gain natural presence and clarity, while the resonant bass is crisply defined at all times, resulting in a distinctive sound presence with better overall balance.

Multi-Bass Horn
The right and left speakers have an independent space with a duct to reinforce low frequencies. Level identification and cut-off frequency control circuits are incorporated to prevent unwanted sound distortion. All this enable the system to reproduce high quality sound with distortion free dynamic bass.

Super-Bass Horn Through speakers with a duct to reinforce bass reproduction, the sound field is expanded for enhanced bass with powerful low frequency response.

Hyper-Bass Sound
Our Personal CD players and head phone stereos incorporate a dedicated circuitry in the amplifier to boost low frequency sound signals for powerful bass reproduction.

By simply touching a button to choose a source(CD, cassette or tuner) the power turns itself on and all other start up steps occur automatically.

IllumiMagic COMPU PLAY
A sensor detects the approach of your hand and makes illumination signals flash to indicate the source buttons for COMPU PLAY. This way too cool feature tells you which buttons to push to begin operation.

1-Bit D/A converter
This eliminates zero crossing distortion so the CD player reproduces even low level signals clearly and naturally with improved linearity.

Live Surround
This circuitry expands the width, depth and presence of music to create the perception of fuller, more enhanced sound that gives a "live" feeling to your listening area.

Digital Synthesizer Tuner
The PLL (phase locked loop) synthesized tuner, ensures drift-free broadcast reception, and features a preset function that allows for quick access to stations with seek tuning capability. This enables smooth tuning to adjacent frequencies.

Full Logic Control
The simple touch of a button softly executes each mode, switching on the Cassette Deck, providing a swift and refined operational response.

Auto Reverse Mechanism
A flip reverse head constantly plays a tape even when moving across the head in forward or reverse. You can choose from one-sided, two-sided or continuous play modes.

Synchro-Start High-Speed Editing
By pressing a button in tape-to-tape editing mode, both the play and record decks start at the same time, running at approximately twice the normal editing speed.

Battery Rechargeability
JVC Personal CD players can be used for charging the rechargeable battery without the need for purchasing an additional battery charger.

S.E.A. Graphic Equalizer
It splits the sound into bands handling different frequencies, so you can customize the output sound to suit your own musical preference.

Dolby B Noise Reduction
For Headphone Stereos, this system effectively reduces annoying tape hiss to an in-audible level for noise-free, comfortable listening.


Slim Portable With Superb Performance
The RC-NX1 features a significantly slimmer unit, about half the depth (15-9 /16 inches) of conventional systems. This new design concept fits closely within your active lifestyle, making it possible to use this compact portable anytime and anywhere.

One-Touch, Direct Access to Easy Operation
With a simple touch of a function/source button, each function can be performed directly, and any mode can be set automatically with COMPU PLAY.

Compact Design with Distinctive Sound Quality
The right and left speakers have an independent inner space with a duct to reinforce low frequencies , plus the two combined control circuits are used to prevent distortion.


With a useful dual cassette deck and simple COMPU PLAY operation, JVC has packed more advanced operational features into very easy-to-carry CD portables. These systems fill the air with powerful, clear music without filling up alot of your precious space.


Technical Integration Advances Reliability Our latest innovation, the JVC developed new Triple Shock Protection Technology will enhance the reliability and play stability of your CD's while your on the move.

Three Second Shockproof Memory
This system allows for the storage of three second of music signals when a shock interrupts a signal, ensuring uninterrupted play.

High Speed Pickup Servo
This system repositions the pick-up three times faster than previous JVC Personal CD Players when it skips during play.

New Dynamic Suspension System
Employing specially designed butyl-rubber dampers, this system secures disc position and bolsters resistance to a wide range of external shocks.