Compact Component Technology
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At The Edge Of Technology With Home-Theater Audio

You want to build an ideal sound system for your Home Theater, but you don't want a lot of confusion and complexity -- with no compromise to features and sound quality? Then the perfect answer is our Home-Theater Audio System.

Dolby Pro Logic with a 5-speaker package
Built-in Dolby Pro Logic Surround Sound lets you enjoy movie-theater quality sound at home. It's a feature that you will come to demand when watching movies at home. With JVC Compact Component Systems you'll enjoy this superlative sound right from the start: the MX-D8T comes complete with a center speaker and a pair of surround speakers, all in a matching stylish design.

3-CD Triple-Tray Changer
Our 3-disc changer is truly unique: It comes with 3 different disc trays on which to load discs. You can even open trays not currently in use and put in new discs without interuppting playback. There is a seperate OPEN/CLOSE key for each tray, making the changer easier to use.

Twin Woofer System
The JVC twin woofer system features two 4 3/4-inch (12cm) woofers driven in tandem. Together they provide a sound that's as bass rich and dynamic as a much larger woofer. Besides better bass sound, our twin woofer system offers two more advantages: a smoother crossover to the the tweeter and wider dispersion than with a larger woofer. You enjoy powerful bass and natural response over a wider area.

IllumiMagic COMPU PLAY
With IllumiMagic COMPU PLAY there is no mistaking which buttons to press for instant power-on and playback. Simply move close to the system and it detects your action. The source and Disc play keys will then illuminate and blink. With the MX-D4T once you have chosen the source, only the control keys are iluminated to make operation error-free.

Velocity-Sensitive Rotary Encoder Volume Control
Our Compact Component Systems feature the rotary encoder volume control. It works just like a familiar rotary knob, however the knob is sensitive to velocity- that is, to the speed with which it is turned. Turn it quickly to instantly increase or decrease the level, or turn it slowly to fine adjust the level. Level is displayed on an attractive, easy to read fluorescent display.


The MX-D4T features a large 6 inch diameter woofer. Despite its compact dimensions the MX-D4T delievers a rich and powerful bass sound.


JVC Micro Component Systems represent power- the power of flexible use and dynamic sound. IllumiMagic Compu Play's blinking lights tell you which button to press as you move your hands toward the system. Then at a touch, power is turned on and play starts, automatically. JVC Micros also feature a unique 3-CD Triple-Tray changer for non-stop music. In addition, the active Hyper-Bass PRO Sound System and the Dynamic Axial-Drive Woofer System help produce substantial bass even from these small units.

Dynamic Axial-Drive Woofer
In a conventional speaker design, the action of the magnetic circuit to push the cone for sound reproduction causes a reaction of equal force, thus leading to vibration of the magnetic circuit which invites power loss and distortion. JVC's Dynamic Axial Drive Woofer uses two woofers mounted back to back, with the magneticv circuits joined by a connencting metal bar. The design eliminates power loss by neutrilizing the undesirable reaction, while eliminating vibration in the enclosure and the magnetic circuitry. The result is a sound with enhanced clarity and definition.

Active Hyper-Bass Pro Sound System
The Active Hyper Bass Pro Sound System features a Q control circuit instead of a cut-off frequency circuit. It dynamically controls the range of the boost frequencies through feedback according to output level, achieving dynamic bass response and clear vocals, with no drop in the mid-range response. The Active Hyper-Bass Pro Sound System actively controls the bass boost to let you enjoy enriched bass response as well as clear vocals.