The Active Hyper Bass Pro Sound System features a Q control circuit instead of a cut-off frequency circuit. This dynamically enhances the range of the boost frequencies through feedback according to output level. This results in a superb bass response as well as sharp vocals, all this without sacrificing the mid-range response. The new Q circuitry minimizes the suppression and muffling of mid range frequencies while reproducing dynamic low frequency sound. Mid range frequency sounds gain natural presence and clarity, while the resonant bass is crisply defined at all times, resulting in a distinctive sound presence with better overall balance.

1 bit DAC
The 1-Bit D/A converter eliminates the type of distortion which so commonly plagues lesser machines. The effect is that a CD player equipped with this converter can accurately reproduce low level signals clearly and naturally with improved linearity.

Simply push the PLAY button on a JVC CD player or cassette deck (or on the remote control) and the source player and receiver automatically turn on to your pre-specified desires, starting your entertainment with one easy step. COMPU LINK Control System

The creation of the COMPU LINK system came about out of the previously unanswered call to simplify the often tedious process of preparing an audio/video system to play a video tape or an audio CD. COMPU LINK utilizes intuitive technology to allow an effective line of communication to exist between your various components. This drastically reduces the amount of time it takes to adjust settings, allowing you to sit back and enjoy your entertainment without the unnecessary burden of technical fumbling.


COMPU LINK takes the next step in making JVC entertainment a one step process. With the simple insertion of an audio CD or cassette into a COMPU LINK component, a series of automated events is undertaken resulting in the activation of the complementing JVC COMPU LINK products.

Yes this is a CD Boombox! Now 10 CD's can be easily stored through the front tray with easy to use one touch controls. With the touch of a CD number button, COMPU PLAY automatically turns power on, selects CD mode and positions the CD on the tray. All stored CD's can be played in several formats including: continuous, program, random or repeat mode.

Our "6+1" CD changers come with a removable 6-disc magazine and a single disc tray for convenient playback of a total of seven discs. For added convenience you can keep multiple magazines loaded with your favorite artists and musical categories.

3-CD Triple Tray
The Triple-Tray Changer System operates with maximum compactness. The design is a refreshing departure from conventional carousel changers with 3 CD storage capacity. JVC models allow quick access to features that single tray systems offer, plus the longer play and enhanced flexibility of CD Changer Systems. The system's three independently operated CD trays let you exchange two CD's simply without interrupting play of the third. LIVE SURROUND
This circuitry expands the width, depth and presence of music to create the perception of a fuller, more enhanced sound that gives a "live" feeling to your listening area.

A flip reverse head constantly plays a tape even when moving across the head in forward or reverse. You can choose from one-sided, two sided or continuos play modes.

The exclusive JVC P.E.M. D.D. (Pulse Edge Modulation Differential-Linearity-Errorless D/A) Converter is touted by media reviewers and audiophiles as one of the most accurate and musical 1-bit D/A converters available. The delicacy and subtlety of the music can be heard at all levels as it was meant to be.

The P.L.L. (phase locked loop) synthesized tuner, ensures drift-free broadcast reception. In addition, P.L.L. features a preset function allowing for quick access to stations through seek tuning capability. This enables smooth transition to adjacent frequencies.

The simple touch of a button softly executes each mode, switching on the Cassette Deck or CD Player, thus providing a swift and refined operational response.

The Kaleido Clock animates our CD Portable Systems. Normally functioning as an analog clock, the Multi Jog Control enlivens the display as a lively indicator to aid in setting the built-in timer in a familiar analog style. This attractive display feature also shows when a tape or CD is being played.

The right and left speakers incorporate independent technology to reinforce low frequencies. Level identification and cut-off frequency control circuits are incorporated to prevent unwanted sound distortion. All this enable the system to reproduce high quality sound with distortion free dynamic bass.


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