Mobile Audio Technology
When Performance Matters

High Resolution Color Viewfinder
Our high resolution Color Viewfinder provides a large, high definition picture so you don't have to wait until after shooting to enjoy the view. Moreover, images are clearer and more natural thanks to densely packed pixels, and color makes it easier for you to identify your video subject in busy surroundings.

High Quality Picture Performance
Bright F1:2 Lens
The large-caliber f1.2 lens with multi-coating absorbs nearly 1.5 times the light of other lenses, letting you capture bright, superior quality images.

Hi-Sensitivity CCD
Newly developed image sensor absorbs light more efficiently, ensuring a clear, bright picture with natural colors and a high signal-to-noise ratio -- even when lighting is poor.

14x Variable-Speed Hyper Zoom

Fast Zoom We've taken Hyper Zoom to a new level. In less than 2 seconds you can zip from wide angle to 14x telephoto. And you can change the zooming speed using the zoom lever with single-finger ease, simplifying operation adding a creative aspect to zooming.

Intelligent Function Control
Key functions are more accessible than ever, as intelligent Function Control groups them into three centrally located buttons. In addition to the available functions are shown in the viewfinder, so you can make use of any of them while still keeping your eye on the scene.

Built-In Auto Light

Auto Light No matter how bright or dim the surroundings are, you can focus on shooting, since the Auto Light automatically turns on or off as required.

Full-Function Remote Control
Fingertip control of basic camcorder functions, as well as Animation*, Timelapse*, Insert Editing, Audio Dubbing, and more -- all in one small, easy-to-use remote control.
* SP mode only

Program AE with Special Effects
By simply turning a dial, you can access any of these great built-in effects:

FG: Fog Filter Effect:*
Adds misty white effect to picture, softening image giving it a "dream" look.

ND: ND Filter Effect:*
Instant compensation when subject has bright "hot spots", such as when shooting a snow scene.

Lets you get clear, non-blurred shots of athletes in action.

Hi-speed Shutter:
A shutter speed of 1/2000 sec. captures the quickest action.

Auto Mode Lock:
Enables complete automatic shooting for true point and shoot ease.

Makes evening scenes and city lights and fireworks look more natural.

Brings back the brown tint of older photos and vintage film.

Quick Response Full Range AF with Auto Macro
Quick Response AF is designed to match the speed of the Hyper Zoom, maintaining focus throughout the range. And with a focusing range of 0.6" to infinity, you can shift from a distant target to one right in front of you and enjoy instantaneous and automatic refocusing.

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