Home The JVC Home Theater Components Series arose out of an aggressive campaign to deliver a system of components designed to work together toward a singular mission: a comprehensive audio\video experience. We want you to be able to put a video tape, CD, or audio cassette into the applicable machine and be able to sit back and relax. The complete Home Theater System surrounds you with rich and powerful sound to compliment the wealth of video quality from your Home Theater television. The union of such diverse elements in the JVC Home Theater Series produces an adventure toward audio\video perfection. The level of quality put into every Home Theater component is rivaled only by the remarkable convenience of its' features. The integration of JVC's patented A/V COMPU LINK system into the Home Theater System is a revolution in component accessibility, releasing the technical bonds that confine the audio/video consumer to a series of tiresome adjustments. JVC realizes that since your home is your castle, your Home Theater should be your coliseum.





HR-J642U | HR-VP644U | HR-DD740U | HR-DD840U

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