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How can I locate a place to have my JVC product serviced?

Within the United States, including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico,you may obtain the location of the nearest JVC Factory Service Facility or local independent JVC Authorized Service Center by calling 1(800)537-5722. After providing your Zip Code, you will be provided with your closest JVC Factory Service Facility then stay on the line for your local independent JVC Authorized Service Center.

Where can I obtain literature on JVC products?

Within the United States, including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, you can obtain sales literature on JVC products by calling 1(800)252-5722 and then press or say one. You will then be prompted as to what kind of literature you want. Following this, you will leave your name and address. The sales literature on all products in that line will then be sent to you.

How can I obtain Accessories, Owners Manuals, Parts or Service Manuals for my JVC Product?

Within the contiguous 48 States you may purchase Accessories, Owner's Manuals, Parts or Service manuals directly through the JVC Parts Department at 1(800)882-2345. If you are calling from Alaska or Hawaii call 1(630)851-7855. In Puerto Rico call 1(201)808-2100. Also, you may order these items through one of the following JVC Authorized Parts Distributors: Panson Electronics, Pinebrook NJ, at 1(800)255-5229 or (201)244-2440, E & K Parts, Los Angeles CA, at1(800)331-8263 or (310)475-6848, Andrews electronics, Santa Clarita CA. At 1(800)274-4666.

Why is my Car Stereo reading Military time?

Your JVC Car Stereo is capable of operating in both the U.S. and Europe. In Europe the radio frequencies for receiving Radio Stations are spaced differently than in the United States. European car radios also use Military time. So if your Car Stereo is reading military time it is set to receive European Radio Frequencies. To set it back to U.S radio frequencies press and hold the BAND or TUNER button. While holding this button then press the 1 button. Continue to hold both buttons for approximately 5-10 seconds.

Mobile Entertainment Technology



An informative female voice will respond to the touch of a control key confirming your command. In addition, a wireless remote control allows you to transmit your commands without having to reach for the receiver's front panel. So you can keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.



Simply select and press the CD, TAPE, TUNER, or CD-CH button and the COMPU PLAY feature automatically turns the system power on and starts play. You can also insert a CD or cassette into a receiver, and once again COMPU PLAY will trigger your system to turn on and start the music.



Our P.E.M. D.D. converter has two to four times the resolution of conventional 1-Bit D.A.C.(Digital Audio Circuits) systems, with two independent pulse waves, that are later combined to more than double the resolution greatly enhancing the signal-to-noise ratio and dynamic range.



The exclusive JVC P.E.M. D.D. (Pulse Edge Modulation Differential-Linearity-Errorless D/A) Converter is touted by media reviewers and audiophiles as one of the most accurate and musical 1-bit D/A converters available. The delicacy and subtlety of the music can be heard in all its levels as it was meant to be.



Many of JVC's Mobile receivers provide an extra level of security by permitting the removal of the front control panel. This feature allows you take the controls with you when you leave your vehicle.



Our Active HBS system effectively enhances low-frequency bass response by detecting output level and controlling the cut-off frequency. In other words, big, clear bass response at the push of a button.



A flip reverse head constantly plays a tape even when moving across the head in forward or reverse. You can choose from one-sided, two sided or continuos play modes.



The right and left speakers incorporate independent technology to reinforce low frequencies. Level identification and cut-off frequency control circuits are incorporated to prevent unwanted sound distortion. This enables the system to reproduce high quality sound with distortion free dynamic bass.



The JVC 12 CD changer line-up is among the smallest designs available today. Through a JVC breakthrough innovation in ultra-thin laser pickup, and a newly designed 12-disc magazine, the JVC 12 CD changers increase your audio entertainment options.



The amazing in-dash 3-disc changer features a revolutionary pivot swing system and a unique magazine that is disassembled and reassembled inside the unit for playback. Because you can load the magazine directly into your receiver, loading and unloading the magazine is as easy as single CDs, and more convenient due to it's multiple CD capacity. Allowing for easy exchange of musical selection right from the seat of your car.


The Direct CD Link was designed to give your existing stereo true CD sound using direct wiring to your speakers and receiver. When purchasing a CD changer many people are disappointed by the typical RF modulators that can muddle otherwise clear sounding music. The Direct Link was created to satisfy the desire for crystal clear CD sound from a CD changer.


This JVC original anti-noise acoustic control system automatically optimizes the listening environment to accomodate changes in your vehicle's speed. To offset engine, wind and road noise, the volume level is automatically adjusted whenever a change is detected in the engine's revolutions. It's one of the ways we're making driving safer.


Based on careful analysis of sound behavior and the physical characteristics of the human ear, BBE sound processing accurately shapes sound to ensure maximum realism. With clear high frequencies and crisp vocals, you can be assured that the sound you get is the closet possible to the original recording.


JVC digifine lineup delivers note-perfect sound with the power, quality and convience that will satisfy even the most demanding audio enthusiast. Digifine maintains signal conformity and reprouduces the sound that is as close to the original source. Provided with 3-way input terminals with a changeover switch for front, front + rear, front + rear + subwoofer configurations.

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