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How can I locate a place to have my JVC product serviced?

Within the United States, including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico,you may obtain the location of the nearest JVC Factory Service Facility or local independent JVC Authorized Service Center by calling 1(800)537-5722. After providing your Zip Code, you will be provided with your closest JVC Factory Service Facility then stay on the line for your local independent JVC Authorized Service Center.

Where can I obtain literature on JVC products?

Within the United States, including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, you can obtain sales literature on JVC products by calling 1(800)252-5722 and then press or say one. You will then be prompted as to what kind of literature you want. Following this, you will leave your name and address. The sales literature on all products in that line will then be sent to you.

How can I obtain Accessories, Owners Manuals, Parts or Service Manuals for my JVC Product?

Within the contiguous 48 States you may purchase Accessories, Owner's Manuals, Parts or Service manuals directly through the JVC Parts Department at 1(800)882-2345. If you are calling from Alaska or Hawaii call 1(630)851-7855. In Puerto Rico call 1(201)808-2100. Also, you may order these items through one of the following JVC Authorized Parts Distributors: Panson Electronics, Pinebrook NJ, at 1(800)255-5229 or (201)244-2440, E & K Parts, Los Angeles CA, at1(800)331-8263 or (310)475-6848, Andrews electronics, Santa Clarita CA. At 1(800)274-4666.

When I am playing back a Hifi stereo tape, the stereo indicator does not light-up.

The stereo indicator only lights if a stereo broadcast is being received through its tuner. Since the tape is not a broadcast and the signal does not pass through the tuner, the indicator will not light during playback.

I have a JVC Dual Cassette Deck. When I try to record from one tape to another one deck starts and the other stops. I can't get both decks to operate at the same time. How can I copy my tapes?

The instructions you are following are for recording an outside source such as a CD player, Radio broadcast or Turntable. In order to copy from one tape to another make sure both tapes are set to move in the same direction, then press either NORM SPEED or HIGH SPEED dubbing button. Both tapes will start at the same time. For more information follow the steps listed in your owners manual under DUBBING.

Will my JVC audio equipment designed for use in the U.S. work overseas?

The Home Audio equipment that U.S. JVC Corporation markets in the United States is specifically designed to be used solely in the United States. Most overseas countries use different voltages and cycles than the United States. The standard voltage and cycles used in the United States are 110 Volts at 60Hz. Many other countries use 220-240 volts at 50Hz. While a voltage adapter can be employed to lower the voltage to 110 volts, there is nothing to convert the foreign cycles from 50Hz to 60Hz. This will cause the unit's power supply to work harder and operate at a higher temperature than it was designed for. This could eventually lead to a decreased life span of the equipment. U.S. JVC corporation does not recommend using the unit under the above conditions any such use would void the unit's original warranty.


Cassette Deck Technology

Picture The creation of the COMPU LINK system came about out of the previously unanswered call to simplify the often tedious process of preparing an audio/video system to play a cassette tape or an audio CD. COMPU LINK utilizes intuitive technology to allow an effective line of communication to exist between your various components. This drastically reduces the amount of time it takes to adjust settings, thereby allowing you to sit back and enjoy your entertainment without the unnecessary burden of technical fumbling.
A/V COMPU LINK takes the next step in making JVC entertainment a one step process. With the simple insertion of a video tape, audio CD, or cassette into a COMPU LINK component, a series of automated events is undertaken, resulting in the activation of the complementing JVC
COMPU LINK products.


JVC's DIGIFINE series boasts an awesome array of technologies that will greatly enhance your audio/video experience.  COMPU CALIBRATION (COMPUTER CONTROLLED RECORD CALIBRATION)  To enjoy the highest performance from your favorite audio tape, the cassette deck's recording features must be optimized (calibrated) for the type of tape you'll be recording to. With one touch this JVC exclusive benefit automatically controls the recording calibration for you.

A flip reverse head constantly plays a tape even when moving across the head in forward or reverse. You can choose from one-sided, two sided or continuos play modes.
Sensitivity is adjusted to make the tape-normal, chrome or metal sound natural when Dolby Noise Reduction is used.
Thanks to Full Logic Mechanism's logic control IC, cassette operation can be controlled with just a light tap on the keys.
When a tape is subjected to vibration during recording or playback, it can cause modulation noise. Modulation noise works against the level of sound clarity associated with a quality audio product. JVC has also determined that speakers can cause a similar noise we call "ACOUSTIC
MODULATION." JVC has developed an effective means of combating this annoyance in which we employ a series of cassette-shell stabilizers and large insulators. The effect is unwanted noise suppression and greatly improved audio clarity.

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