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We're proud to announce the GR-DV1 -- a digital camcorder based on the new DV format is the perfect solution for all of your video and multi-media applications. Using DV cassettes (about the size of a matchbook) you'll receive up to 60 minutes of high-quality recording and playback. In fact, the GR-DV1 is the smallest camcorder in the world.

The Tape

The GR-DV1 represents a giant leap forward in the evolution of the camcorder. With the development of the new DV format and, in particular, the ultra-compact Mini DV cassette -- it now possible to redefine how we look at the video camera. By shrinking the mechanical and electronic components, JVC has succeeded in reducing the camcorder in weight and size similar to that of a 35mm photo camera. Moreover, the GR-DV1 can now function as a convenient "digital notebook," carried everywhere!

Besides being ready to record your favorite video moments, it can also serve as an invaluable tool for your audio-visual presentations in the mode business world. In addition -- it's digital -- meaning that editing and dubbing can be performed with virtually no loss in picture or sound quality. Combine this with its computer/printer connectivity and you'll have a camcorder that will lead the digital revolution in the world of personal video.

Several technical and engineering advances lie behind the development of the GR-DV1. Its downsized high-performance lens with optical 10x zoom weighs in at just over 1 ounce (35g) and is less than 2 inches (50mm) long! The miniaturized mechanism with "glide loading" is the key to the camcorder's compact design. Our Low-voltage operation reduces power consumption allowing the use of a battery slightly larger that a AA battery.

Compact Design
Our miniaturized components make it possible to create a high-performance camcorder that weighs in just 1.0lb (450g) -- or 1.1lb (520g) when equipped with a tape, battery and handstrap. The camera with its high-tech aluminum finish, will fit easily into a pocket or small purse. And because the vertical size is symmetrical, the GR-DV1 can be used with either hand or eye.

High Quality
The 570,000-pixel 1/3" CCD ensures the highest quality recordings with enhanced detail and clarity. This technological marvel can also operate in extreme low light situations: with less than 1 lux in slow-shutter mode. In other words, the GR-DV1 can record images with light as little as 10 birthday candles!

The sound quality is digital! There are 2 PCM Digital Audio stereo recording modes: either 2 channels with 48kHz sampling and 16 bit-quantization, or 4 channels with kHz sampling and 12-bit quantization. What does all of this mean? Your audio recordings will be CD quality!

High Quality
Technically perfect. Perfectly simple. We're known for designing products that are easy to use! With the GR-DV1 we've designed a Menu System to keep controls and switches to a minimum. The Tele/Wide zoom lever is used to make menu selections as they appear in the electronic Color Viewfinder, which slides back to engage standby mode. Manual control over focus, exposure and white is available, however most will opt for the Full Auto mode. And, our 5-sec. Rec (QwikPix) feature simplifies operation, ensuring a lively scene-to-scene tempo while allowing the user to concentrate on what they are recording.

Special Effects
In addition to the high-speed 10x optical zoom, there is a 20x digital zoom for close-up shots, and for even greater magnification there's a 100x Super Digital Zoom. Plus, 12 Digital Effects - including Slow Shutter, Echo and Sepia modes - and 18 Scene Transitions are available during shooting. For added flexibility the GR-DV1 has a Snapshot mode, which freezes the image with a white border -- like a still photograph -- with an accompanying shutter sound effect. These can be later collected with the automatic Snapshot Search feature, enabling the creation of a video album for viewing or printing. And the Motor Drive mode allows shooting of these "snapshots" in rapid succession. The user can also select a Wind Cut Filter for improved audio recordings, and Squeeze Mode for adapting to a wide-screen (16 : 9 ratio) televisions.

Special Effects
The GR-DV1 connects directly to a TV monitor for playback. For more advanced playback and editing functions the GR-DV1 is mounted on its Docking Station. Besides standard VCR controls and other features such slow-motion playback, the user may choose from a 6 Digital Effects (Pinpoint Digital Zoom, Echo, Black & white, Sepia Strobe and Classic Cinema) during playback.

Editing Functions
Fitted with its own audio and video output jacks (including S-video) for full TV/VCR connectivity, the Docking Station offers control and out facilities for precise editing with flexibility normally found only in a professional editing studio. In addition to insert editing and 4 channel audio dubbing, there is the new R.A. Edit (Random Assemble Editing) function -- operated via the remote controller. This enables the programmed rearrangements of up to 8 scenes at a time with selections of 5 Digital Effects and 17 different Scene Transitions.

The key to unlocking the GR-DV1's potential for multimedia applications is our Joint Interface Protocol terminal on the docking station. This JVC development allows the interconnection of AV equipment and personal computers.

So there you have it: The GR-DV1-- the camcorder that's redefining how we'll look at home, portable and multimedia video recording!

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price: $2,299.95

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