AV Compu Link

The more audio/video components you own, the more difficult it is to make use of their functions fully. To revolve this quandary, JVC first developed COMPU LINK and then AV COMPU LINK. Now we're introducing another innovation called TEXT COMPU LINK. This system is fully compatible with the text data carried by new media like MD and CD-Text CD, and communicates the data from component to component in the following fashion.

TEXT COMPULINK is an integrator tying JVC receivers with JVC CD changers, MD recorders and your TV, so that you can enjoy music in an easier, simpler way. In a nutshell, you choose a track from a list on the TV screen. You can even title your own tracks and then search by performer, by title or by type.

JVC TEXT COMPU LINK shows text data (performer name, disc title, and genre) of CD-Text CDs on the receiver's display and also on the screen of your TV. Working together with the XU-301BK changer, JVC receivers offer you tremendous convenience.

Title memory: you can give your own titles to CDs and MDs through the On-Screen Display using the remote of a JVC OSD receiver. This means even conventional CDs without CD Text benefit. JVC's mega changer comes with the capacity to store data on titles and performers for all 200 discs.

CD Search: using the On-screen Display, you can search for particular Cds in the changer—by performer, disc title or type.

Auto text copy: as you dub music from CD-Text CD to MD, text data will be automatically transferred as well.

Since the text data is supplied from the CD changer or MD player through the receiver, it does not require an extra video inputs on the Tv for on-screen display.